Summer Money Saving Tips

summer moneyNormally summer is the season where we spend more money, especially in entertainment. Holidays, leisure and inviting summer nights away from home, which makes the account of expenses skyrocket. It does not lead to an imbalance in our budget and not have to resign to enjoy our leisure, we save on other expenses:

Air conditioning: Although we can enjoy the beautiful weather in the summer heatwave, it also makes it hitting the electricity bill. To avoid this it is best adapted to regulate the temperature of the exterior, close blinds and curtains during the day and use it only on days when really necessary.

Take advantage of natural light: Many times we turn on the lights only by custom, though the room we enter is flooded with natural light. We try to keep the light off until it gets dark at all and if we are not already doing so, use low energy light bulbs.

Leave the car at home: good weather, combined with the lower volume of traffic, allows you to move by bike or walking, both out to go to work. Thus, using the car only for long journeys, save on gas bill.

Go picnic: For a family with children, an outing to a restaurant can be a big expense. Summer offers a great opportunity to prepare some sandwiches and go spend the day in the countryside, the beach or pool, reducing the budget that we spend every day at lunch.

Nightlife: Some places offer happy hours during which the drinks are cheaper.

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