Study reveals that older people prefer Facebook and Whatsapp

tecnologia-en-la-tercera-edadA revealing study by the Spanish Open University of Catalonia found that people over 64 who use new technologies to communicate prefer to use the social network Facebook and instant messaging application WhatsApp, also found that mostly used these platforms to communicate with her grandchildren and haters be “selfies”.

This study was done on people between 64 and 79 years, and made clear that this community if you are interested in being “technological” is why some inroads into various social networks and apps. Another detail to be discovered, although it is true that older people use more Facebook and Whatsapp not mean they are socially active through these platforms. Another reason for the incursion of older technology, is “feeling younger” (or at least appear so), to be more modern and being fashionable.

Whatsapp ended up being the favorite, as it allows a more direct communication with family and friends, can belong to groups and apparently the most important is the “instant” communication. And finally, another important fact is that older people use these platforms to communicate with their children, grandchildren and friends.

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