Steps to create a business plan

Business accessoriesIt’s time to start a new business, to start a company must be clear about the project and the strategic development plan. Here are some tips you can not forget.

1. The idea is not everything
You have to be realistic, a good idea is a good start but it will be difficult to carry it out successfully. The business must be presented as viable. It is not about finding a business that will revolutionize the market, but to detect a hole, an opportunity that no one has taken to get where needs are not covered.

2. Business Plan
Is to translate the idea on paper clearly stating the goals we want to achieve with the company and how we do it. This planning is useful to study in detail the technical, financial and economic project. It is also the employer’s business card to potential partners, banks, investors or government.

Should include:

Description of the company and the product or service to be performed.
This must also include if you have the patent or trademark, the location of the company and the criteria by which you have chosen.

Market research.
Demonstrate a business opportunity. Research work is based on external data. It should be clear which market the company is headed and who are your potential customers. Should include all relevant legislation applicable to the project that will develop the company and permits and authorizations to be processed.

Marketing plan.

  • Define market coverage.
  • Review the need for dealers or brokers.
  • Develop a list of potential customers.
  • Describe the techniques of selling, discount policies and forms of payment.
  • Establish lines of advertising and public relations.
  • Designing marketing campaigns with their goals.

Definition of technical means.
Establish the technical means needed to start a business, cost and funding. Be supplemented by a Procurement Plan to plan the management of procurement and storage.

Organization and Human Resources.
Serve to define the organization and distribution of tasks, jobs and the corresponding roles and responsibilities. Selected employees should seek advice on the type of contract.

Financial Economic Survey.
You need to determine what the funds needed to launch the company and how it is to get the capital.

Formal aspects and legal structure.

  • The natural person is the sole owner of the company, directs, manages and receives full benefits.
  • The legal person: Organizing a group of people who develop the functions of the business.

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