Spotify ventures in videos

spotifyYouTube apparently it came out a competitor not expected. The Swedish company Spotify, famous for its music streaming service, has just announced this week that it will enter the world of video content and self-produced.

“It’s happening a profound change in the music and that’s something we could not have anticipated when we founded the company” Daniel Ek, founder and CEO of Spotify.

Spotify’s position is clear, with the undeniable progress of mobile devices and music, they have seen an opportunity that will not let go. Besides competing with YouTube, Spotify aims to be the “new Netflix” which is not as crazy because positioning won this popular service streaming.

Spotify currently has 60 million users, of which 15 are signed to pay, was launched in 2006 and today has a large catalog of 25 billion hours in music. For now will launch the “Spotify Running”, which can be downloaded to mobile devices and live content will be passed, like a radio.

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