Social networks as a platform for brand positioning

brands social networks

brands social networks
The new platform for brand positioning are social networks, who will amplify what consumers want “today.” Social networks have evolved from the time of their creation, important part of what have shaped consumers and businesses, who have joined the process and began offering sponsored search, among other things, but how far do you have exploited these means to position a brand?

According to a study by IAB sponsored searches are those that are ahead in advertising investment, while the image of a brand only accounts for 12% of the investment. The good news about this statistic is that the percentage of investment in this area increased by 5%. The investment that has changed is that there are factors that have changed as well in people’s lives, access to a broadband more efficient and the spread of social media around the world are part of the change.

Brands are constantly searching for opportunities, thanks to changing factors set out above, the Internet became the best bid as the television and his empire began to question when they showed videos of excellent quality in networks such as YouTube, then was most in doubt when the streaming became a viable reality, and today nothing is clear from Google and other platforms that efficiently exploit the available videos and advertising control measures to advertisers about the effectiveness of campaigns.

The videos are one of the most effective bets to reach an audience that favors entertainment over information, but why not offer both? Internet is the perfect place to do so, since the cost of appearing here is so affordable that everyone can afford that luxury. We could say in short that the Internet is a kind of utopia for advertisers, a lucrative and low risk.

If before we had to think about “how to build a brand,” today we must think about “how we build a brand.” We went from a linear process to a fully dynamic it is growing in so far as to be discussing with consumers what happens in real life and not in the office where you plan marketing strategies marketing and advertising classics.

We could conclude that the companies had always structure their campaigns and market penetration strategies on consumers, however, now with the advent of social media can increase this effect and make you more sensitive to what they want today and would not yesterday. If a company does not care about what customers are saying today, they might be thinking of a strategy based on yesterday, and yes delivery ahead of the competition that uses social media as amplifiers of the feelings of the people, as well as as a barometer of the effectiveness of their products.

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