Social Media and Corporate Social Responsibility

social media responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility can effectively communicate responsibility and sustainability of business users.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) becoming more and more importance in the business world, because it depends on how consumers see the company to choose when buying a product in relation to another. The combination of economic, social and environmental issues are key to developing a sustainable business over time.

According to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, power and responsibility are inseparable terms, thus to expand a market has to offer the opportunity for those who have been excluded, likewise, the delivery of trust and credibility can enhance the raid on them.

The social marketing that has been carrying for the last time, has made it possible for companies as they are displayed to the public, contributing significantly to the corporate reputation of each. The power provided to the users responsibility and sustainability that the company has an adequate management of the RSC, is part of a strategy that tends to generate confidence in what we do and how.

survey jointly developed by IE University, Cambridge University and IULM revealed that 12% of companies in Spain are part of those who use social networks to show its social commitment, but only 29% of them using links to NGOs .

The use of virtual communities is an excellent opportunity for companies willing to come forward as they are the public, who so efficiently manage CSR strategy can position your company more credibility and trust among the market in which unfolds.

While there are risks in using social networks to make a CSR strategy, part of the minimization of these passes through the identification of hazards and develop appropriate strategies to deal with them. Faced with the possibility of encountering a negative publicity channels for corporate communication biased, you should take care of the language and forms, for nothing could be worse than the censorship of those groups that disagree with some or all a particular company makes.

Managing a network requires responsibility, because communication is very fast there, rising to become an efficient channel to communicate what is meant, but is also a double-edged sword when you do not know get along, as happened to NestlĂ© and its product “Kit-Kat” as questioned by Greenpeace.

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