Shopping online for mobile, it is an irrefutable reality

online shopping

online shopping
Much has been made of the increase in mobile advertising by 2011, however, few signs of it have been delivered so far – apart from the statistics of the increase of people who feel comfortable on this platform. Nonetheless, a study by Tesco Direct (major retailer) shows that 1 in 10 Britons shop online using your cell phone.

The survey of 4,000 consumers who visited Britain, showed how important it is becoming mobile browsing and shopping options traders see through the use of conventional mobile phones or smartphones, as this becomes an attractive proposition for many and great promises news for next year.

The data obtained from this survey are particularly interesting because they have pointed to the time you prefer to make purchases, where a 7% do while in work schedule, 50% while watching television and 1 in 6 thinks the least see some sort of advertising on the go by bus. It was expected that the purchases were accompanied by cellular mobile browsing, so a third of those who use their phone for much more than calling, visiting commercial web sites as they go home.

It’s amazing that respondents regard their phones as true elements of relaxation, as the third of the respondents are answering in that web browsing and purchasing items by phone is relaxing to the point of being able to control some of the stress which everyone lives.

Strategies for online shopping discounts also apply to mobile transactions, so the actual concern that consumers have on spending, so fundamental tool – the mobile phone – has escalated in their level of importance and captured new areas of usability, now in the shop, capturing 78% of those who said in the study who were concerned about the budget for this shopping season ahead.

Some of the key points that appeals to every consumer in the commercial use of their mobile phones is the idea of saving time in queues, as they no longer have to wait to get that precious item that will be exhausted in a matter of minutes, because you can book and buy a little time with their classic Smartphone navigation, for example.

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