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send moneyWhen we send money overseas for the first time do not always know which method to use, what we will be more profitable and especially what will give us greater assurance that the person to whom it is directed to send the money actually received.

The first thing we take into account when deciding on one of these methods is to know is what cost we will have for the shipment, as it will depend on the consignment is more or less profitable. If we send money to a country whose currency is not the euro, we must also inform the exchange rate between the euro and foreign currency, to achieve higher yields also the shipment.

Finally, you need to know if any additional charges, as in the case of using credit cards, which will be charged at the time of shipment.

Among the most reliable way to send money we can cite the following:

  • In post offices, through a money order. Today it is one of the cheaper alternatives for such shipments, especially when it comes to small amounts. Thus, we avoid the commission we pay for shipping almost equals or exceeds the amount you wish to send.
  • We can also do it by bank transfer, but here we must be very attentive to the fees we charge, which are quite high, especially in the case of international transfers.
  • Two companies that are dedicated to sending money with high reliability are MoneyGram and Western Union. These companies also have the advantage that you can have money sent on the day of shipment. Typically we pay a fee that ranges between 5 and 10% of the amount sent as an expense.

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