Selecting an attorney for child custody

Processing a divorce can be a very frustrating, and the addition of a child custody battle to the mix only adds stress to the situation. To achieve a desirable outcome, it is very important to choose the right lawyer for child custody. A lawyer for child custody can be good not only help you win your custody battle, but can also help guide you through the situation with some possible additional anguish. instructions :

  • Contact your state association of bar and ask for a child custody list from the lawyers. The Bar Association could be able to recommend you a child custody lawyer in your nearby area.
  • Contact the child custody attorneys in your area to arrange an interview. You may be asked to provide some details about your case before scheduling the interview. Most lawyers do not charge a fee to an interview of this nature, but ask if there are any associated costs.
  • List of questions preparation during the interview that will be asked. Important questions include the attorney for the previous experience of custody, and their history of winning and losing cases. Other questions are whether the lawyer is familiar with the family court, or if he has represented fathers and mothers before. Finally, do not hesitate to ask questions specific to your case.
  • Conduct interviews with some custody lawyers who have a potential. Ask all your questions ready and take notes of your answers. Provide full details of your case as possible. Take note of other details, including the personality of the lawyer, your first impression and general practice. Ask each prospective lawyer for a list of references, including previous clients.
  • Contact list for each attorney and ask them about their specifications and experiences in field. Does the attorney does not fulfill the promises? How involved was the father in the process? Would you hire a lawyer again to represent them in a case of child custody? Most lawyers to use the references speak highly of them, so do not take its decision based solely on these responses.
  • Review all the information about each prospective lawyer and make a decision. Contact the lawyer chosen to say he would hire to represent you.


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