Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro: a passage by AnTuTu and some technical specifications bonus

Samsung has several touch pads in preparation and they are no less than four new models expected to be introduced shortly by the manufacturer. In the lot , there are some Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro which has already shown during his visit to the FCC . This time , things are different since the slate fell into the claw AnTuTu . In other words, we have a fairly clear idea of ??its technical specifications and these should you stick the banana well as it should .

But before that , both start with little warning as a habitual mouthing . Sit comfortably in your chair . Relax, you focus on your breathing. Do not close your eyes by cons . Okay, everything is in order , repeat after me: every rumor must necessarily be taken with caution , or with tweezers that go . Here , it is said, now we can get down to business .samsung-galaxy-tab-pro-10-1-antutu

If you believe the record on line in AnTuTu , then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro embark screen … 10.1 inch display capable of a definition of QHD type, or 2560 × 1600 . Not bad, and it ‘s not over because we would also have the right to an Exynos processor clocked at 5 5420 1.9 GHz supported by a Mali – T628 GPU . For those who arrive freshly , it may be recalled that this chip is based on quad-core Cortex A15 clocked at 1.8 GHz and quad-core Cortex A7 clocked at 1.3 GHz. The architecture is therefore in the big.LITTLE , four less powerful cores dealing with common tasks.

Thereupon , it is also about 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space. Range ” Pro ” requires , the tablet also is likely to include a port for micro SD cards but it will wait for the official announcement to get to the bottom . It should be noted finally that the slate dislodged by turning AnTuTu Android 4.4.2 and answered the reference SM- T520 .

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