Samsung Galaxy S5: it will perhaps overlook the optical stabilization

stabilisation-optique-samsung-galaxy-s5The Samsung Galaxy S5 spilled much ink in recent days, with some interesting rumors regarding technical specifications or on its launch date. It’s always a bit like a hunting rumor the other. This time it is its sensor, and more specifically its objective in question. If you believe the very voluble ETNews the Galaxy S5 might actually not be entitled to an optical stabilization. What does that mean? Quite simply it may not excel in capturing photos and videos.

Everyone does not know necessarily but an image stabilizer system is able to compensate the vibrations of a camera or even a camcorder, and thus avoid the famous blur sometimes spoil our beautiful pictures. There are different kinds, obviously, and some of them are directly integrated into our pebbles reflex.

In this case , we speak of optical stabilization. Crazy , right? Yes, but you may be wondering what it looks like , right? It is important to ask the right question. Optical stabilization is actually based on a lens placed at the center of the lens , a lens capable of move off when you press the shutter to avoid that our image is all fuzzy , and all ugly.

On a target reflex , it is not necessarily very difficult to integrate this kind of lens , but it is quite different from the stones that our team smartphones. And for good reason , since it is miniaturized to an extreme. However, some manufacturers have made ??great efforts on it and this is particularly the case of Nokia, LG or Sony .

It was quite logical that Samsung makes just as much for the next flagship of its fleet , but it could ultimately not be the case .

Why ? The question is there and , in reality, the answer is quite simple: there are few manufacturers capable of producing optical stabilizer for cameras these smartphones. Not enough to ensure a sufficient return to Samsung, anyway. Added to this is a problem of thickness visibly annoy the South Korean manufacturer.

Needless to say, these noise corridor should be taken with the utmost of prudence …

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