Samsung Galaxy S3, the expected end

samsung-galaxy-s3_0Samsung knew from the beginning that things would not be easy after that would lead the market Apple iPhone 4S, so strategically planned presentation Galaxy S3 after having had an extraordinary level of acceptance with the model Galaxy S2 – selling 10 million units in five months.

A very short time of its official launch, there are opposing views about what it will mean for the company launch the Galaxy S3, for while some say will be a revolutionary Smartphone, others merely point out that there will be more than an update of existing model.

Why wait to present it now? Simply because Samsung is the official poster for the Olympic Games approaching, so there is no better place to present its new mobile the world Do not you think? Yet, no one in the company has ruled parallel make presentations to London on mobile, so it will be a detail to be revealed later.

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors that continue

We do not know for certain materials “Premium” that characterize the phone, but the recreations were not left waiting and spoken ceramic, metal, glass and even carbon fiber, but what happens if they return to use plastic? Surely nothing would happen, so it is still the most viable alternative, although adelgazaría a little more and would come to the 7mm.

One of the renovations themselves would find in the aesthetic, as the phone would be available in white edition and a two-tone (blue / black).

AMOLED Display

The screen is definitely the best of the secrets of the upcoming Galaxy S3, but it is no exaggeration to think that a phone of this type must have at least a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and the Super AMOLED Plus system and not another.

The screen size of 4.65 inches would (like the Nexus), but without threatening the niche markets in which the Galaxy Note for obvious reasons. An expected surprise is to see to what extent can innovate Samsung with its new flagship against major Android handsets such as the Sony Xperia S, LG Optimus 4X and HTC One X, since they have very high level screen and Samsung may incorporate developments in the use of the screen to save the distances.

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