Samsung fix the security flaw in the Galaxy

galaxy-s6_0A few weeks ago NowSecure security firm reported that at least 600 smartphones in the Galaxy range (from S3 to S6) Samsung million were vulnerable to cyber attacks due to a fault in the keyboard, Samsung quickly stepped in matter and through an update to fix this flaw began.

“Samsung takes all security threats seriously. There is a vulnerability in the Galaxy phone when updates keypad are made. We are aware of this and we are committed to bring the ultimate in security for our devices” Communique issued on the blog of Samsung’s Thursday, June 19

The software fault located on the keyboard of the “Galaxy” allowed hackers to insert malicious code to the smartphone through an unfamiliar or public WiFi connection. Although the odds of being a victim of this “failure” is a danger for the millions of users of Galaxy.

Samsung through its statement warned users who are already working to solve this problem and will soon reach security updates to fix this flaw and prevent similar risks in the future.

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