Samsung ATIV S, the first smartphone with Windows 8

Samsung ATIV S

This time you won Samsung, who became the first company to launch the first smartphone with Windows 8 system, called Samsung ATIV S.

When everyone expected that Nokia will launch the first smartphone with Windows 8, Samsung-as they say in horse racing, won by a head. It all happened in a press conference under the 2012 IFA technology event which has been held in Berlin, Germany, where a special statement made by the official presentation of the new Samsung ATIV S, whose main novelty being the first smartphone with Windows 8.

The Samsung ATIV S gets its name from the acronym “Ah-eyy-tiv TeeV not” in addition to its new operating system, this new smartphone looks great, where highlights design polished aluminum cover, making it a stylish smartphone , and if we add the thickness of 8.7mm (one millimeter more than the latest Galaxy S III), design becomes even more stylish.

The Samsung ATIV S has a powerful 1.5 GHz processor Snapdragon dual-core, 4.8-inch screen Super AMOLED (wrapped in Gorilla Glass), 1 GB of RAM, a 8-megapixel rear camera and a front of 1.9 megapixels. And as they say, “there is something for everyone.” The Samsung ATIV S will come in two versions, one with 16 GB and a more potent with 32 Gb

Unfortunately in the presentation have not been given many details as all hope gadget lovers, especially the Windows 8 operating system which makes this very special Smartphone. Hopefully with the arrival of this new smartphone, Samsung is given a respite from the moment you are going through the recent legal problem you have with Apple, hopefully this goes smoothly Smartphone copies of patents as his other “brothers” from Samsung .

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