Sales of smartphones will increase in 2011


The surprising increase in sales of mobile smartphones by 2011, is expected to revolutionize the mobile marketing and how to advertise.

Smartphones went from being a luxury and became an everyday tool for executives, students, employees and even for those who do not need even 50% of the capacity of these magnificent examples phones. Thus, thanks to overcrowding and the entry into force of Google’s Android operating system, 27% of cell phones on the market in 2011 will be smartphones.

The study by Telecom & Media, says it will sell at least 342 million such phones next year, and will be effective – inter alia – by overcrowding and good reception have been had on the audience for its low price and almost no competition they have against traditional phones do not pose a challenge not as economically practical nor necessary.

Mobile Internet service will be another great deals take a lot more momentum than it has so far shown, so the same study finds that it would be prudent for operators associated with brands like Google and Facebook to the mobile business in Internet. When asked what consumers do with Smartphones? The study found that most prefer them for their applications such as games, music, sports, social networks and also by the ease of access to information that is available on the Internet.

Although the mobile advertising market is not as extensive, with the rise of smartphones is expected to grow exponentially, and these are the terminals where they can leverage the best technology available at the time of establishing a strategy for presentation at the mobile browsing. Interestingly consumers do not see it as “intrusive” a notice when it is offering any discounts, so that mobile marketing will need to adjust some things and build on the momentum of technology, as well as the tendency for users .

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