Ron King Academy Offers State of The Art Esthetic and Skincare Training

What is beauty? How do you know when you have made someone look really good and made them feel good about themselves?

When someone walks into a beauty salon, what really motivates them to go with that esthetic clinic, salon, parlor or spa of your choice?

Setting yourself up as a future professional with Ron King Academy, an esthetic and cosmetology school where you will learn through hands on training in a facility that is state of the art. If you are an artist and you enjoy helping people become more beautiful, then you are making the best choice by pursuing a career as an esthetician. Becoming an esthetician can offer you many choices in the realm of professional opportunity. Whether you want to work in a beauty or health spa, dermatological offices or even salons, your clients will be able to be recognized the personalized treatment they will receive when they come to you.

The latest skincare technologies will be included in our program, which also puts a big emphasis on personal attention and helping you perfect your skills around real people in very realistic surroundings. Our expert team of professional estheticians will help you master those business skills that will be needed to be a successful licensed skincare therapist.

What sets the Ron King Academy apart from the rest? Ron King Academy can help you find your dream, see that dream and fins a mentor to help you share that dream and believe in your own skills to make that dream a reality, If you care about the beauty of skin, the long term health of good skin condition and learning about the latest skin care products and techniques in spa, then you should give Ron King Academy a try.

Whether it’s extractions, facials, hair removal techniques, lymphatic massages, makeup application, masking, paraffin treatments or skin analysis, then Ron King Academy has professional estheticians that can get you on the right career path to making people look beautiful!

Being a good esthetician also takes good communication skills and organization. The Ron King Academy will prepare you for going out into the world and meeting clients, as well as checking and making new appointments. Consultations with clients is also a part of being an esthetician, because many of the clients you will get will be strong, loyal clients that will help you reach your career goals. It is also important to learn how to keep proper records of your clients, so that you can know what services you performed for that client, a history of the client’s skin condition(s) and notes to prepare for that client’s next visit. Keeping your clients satisfied with their outer appearance is the job of a good esthetician.

Typically, Ron King Academy graduates become licensed estheticians, possibly working on a cruise ship, in a day spa or a salon. For more information, please go to

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