Rights of workers against dismissal

dismissedIf you’re planning to dismiss an employee, know that they have certain rights that even in case of dismissal must be respected to the letter. Many workers are unaware that labor rights are, what motivates many companies to save some money or a problem, the worker does not specify what their real situation and what you get. While that may be beneficial at first, if the employee detects the deception the company can have serious legal problems.

The worker must receive from the company a letter of notice of dismissal which must be based on both the facts that motivate the date on which it takes effect, which shall not be less than fifteen days. At that time, the worker should collect the information needed to file a claim if it is an unfair dismissal in which there is no reason to carry it out, but many times companies manage it so that seems a fair dismissal . If you’re going to lay off any workers or you are a worker and you’re in this situation, take the following measures to carry out a legal claim:

  • The worker should gather all the evidence showing its relationship with the company. It is important not to erase the hard disk or that reitres correspondence, books or any material you have in the cupboards. Always will try to prove your employment relationship, although it is clear that the best test is the payroll that you’ve taken in recent months and that will be reflected in your bank account.
  • Do not sign any document in which reference is made to pay, as it may include a formula that makes it difficult to demonstrate the lack of cause for dismissal. Although a dismissal for cause must take time to analyze it.
  • If you verbally is introducing you to dismiss your job to do so in writing, but remember that you can not sign anything you are given. You say you want to check it while you’re at your right.
  • Remember that you can file a claim in court. Is a right of all workers.

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