Pray from Your Heart


prayerBad thing happen to you, frustration, desperation, and hopeless feeling will heal by the power of prayer.  Nothing has more power than GOD and we must believe that anything can be solved if we try hard and pray. Anybody has problem so you need to pay every day and although you live in perfect life you still need to pray for your best and prevent you from anything bad.

You need to pray to your GOD from your heart. If you not believe in GOD it will be useless. If you don’t have any faith to GOD then you must try to find it. I know that it will be hard but you need to seek it through your deepest heart. You heart will show you the way to find your faith. At least take a little time every day to learn about it. Find as much information about it and try to think and feel which one is true and which one is not. Do not just follow the streamline but follow what in your heart. Even everyone tell you the same thing, but if your heart says the opposite, follow your heart.

Once you find your faith, you will feel the peace. Keep on praying. Your problem will disappear because GOD will show you the way if you pray from your heart.

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