Postcards and colors: Multiply your cards intensity

Very few people bring objects closer. Postcards brought to print postcard is one of many means that can access instantly, and to remove any distance between them.

Once considered only as a quick alternative to the written letter, postcard, by virtue of its size and unique design draws the recipient of a shared experience with the sender. It bridges people and allows them to share common ground.

Postcards, as used today, embodies and takes all the advantages of these principles. Postcards are now more commonly used to provide consumers with information or people, often packaged in an interesting way to connect ’em and enjoy them.

The card is a secure memory, and an investment capital company, also qualify. With this in mind, focus and expertise is necessary when printing high quality for the production of postcards. With the images captured in vivid color, printed on high-grade and high quality durable paper, you are sure to enjoy long-lasting prints.

It ‘s too important to be entrusted to the postcard printing professionals who can provide accurate color printers print quality.

Here are some tips for managing high-impact color postcards:

Color Mode
Images must be done in CMYK mode, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, not RGB, which is used only for viewing images on a screen.

Professional printers only work with CMYK. And so, if these files are made ??or designed in RGB mode and then converted to CMYK, you will lose all the original colors that were used in the first place. All efforts made ??in your project will be lost and you have to start all over again.

Color values
Refers to the hue, saturation, value, tint and shade. These values ??provide a more accurate measurement or acquisition in the definition of specific colors. These colors can be better managed for the highest quality of results.

Resolution refers indirectly to the size of image files or photos. Higher resolution and optimal high school size of the file. Use high-resolution images and make it a minimum of 300 dpi or dots per inch. The text should also be done in high resolution, set at a minimum of 400dpi.

Paper Type
Type of paper has a great effect on the postcard quality. Choose only high quality paper such as 14 pt card stock, coated with an aqueous, UV or Matter.

These finishes, especially the first two add gloss to make your prints more vibrant. Matte, on the one hand, it creates a soft, flat texture that makes postcards class or elegant look.

However, these details will make your cards more durable and resistant to wear.

Use Full Color Printing
There are several printing methods available, but color printing provides accurate, detailed, brilliant reproduction of all types of images. Premium quality for color prints, to insist on printing in color and let your postcards radiate with life.

Postcards can be highly personalized, as unique gifts among family, friends and people in general. It may also, in the same process, to meet your marketing and advertising campaigns. Postcards can send messages like this to consumers who do not have information about a new product, service or feature.

To end on a special note, the correct application of colors to give your pictures postcards added heat. This is important because it is the postcard design and charm that wins the public. Following the suggestions on the colors above, you can make cards that are engaging and exciting.

Postcard printing can be the measure of your success, especially with the right message and the right color choices.

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