Pilates Exercises to improve your body and your mind


Pilates exercises are good for your body and your mind. Pilates exercises are performed on a flat surface, usually on a mat laid on the ground. Pilates exercises draw their inspiration from yoga but also in dance and gymnastics. Pilates helps in losing weight among other arms. Pilates exercises are based on 8 guidelines intended to guide the person continuously practicing Pilates: concentration, breathing, control, fluidity, center of gravity, precision, isolation, sequencing.


Almost all Pilates exercises require involvement of the abdominal muscle groups, dorsal and glutes. You should therefore adopt a posture appropriate to the Pilates exercises. In fact, your body has to use stabilizing muscles when he found Pilates on objects (like the Swiss ball) intentionally causing the imbalance. In fact, many people use Pilates exercises to not only keep the line but also reduce stress and anxiety. During Pilates exercises, you focus on breathing. And you laying on the breath while concentrating on muscle groups, you can reduce stress. This is especially useful for people who suffer from chronic illnesses and often suffer extra stress.

Not only do Pilates unite your body and your mind, but they can also give you a better discipline, which is good for your health and well-being. Stress brings many chemical changes in your body. Stress increases blood flow to large muscles and slows digestion as it prepares the body syndrome “fight or flee”.

An example of Pilates exercise: the torpedo
The objective of this exercise is Pilates to work the obliques, alignment and stability of your posture.

Begin by lying down on one side. Keep the lines of the shoulders and hips perpendicular to the ground. Stretch your legs in the body axis, the arm above the head. Lay the head on this arm. Place the upper arm to the chest, parallel to it.

Now exhale while returning to the womb. Then breathe in while contracting the abdominals and lifting both legs to the sky.

Then, exhale and lift more than the leg, without putting the leg below the ground.

Finally, inhale and pull the upper leg on the lower leg.

At no time do you need the support arm to the ground to lift you. Keep the right upright when you return the abdominals.

Try these movements in 3 sets of 15 movements (45 movements in total). If you are accustomed, made 80 movements.

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