What is phubbing?

phubbingPhubbing is a term acronym for the English words snubbing phone and (phone and snub).

Campaign against Phubbing

This unsavory practice that has many followers and began to have enemies. The young Australian Alex Haigh (22 years) has started a social media campaign called “Stop Phubbing” (High to phubbing). He started by Facebook and quickly reached 10 thousand followers.

“It is a global problem that needs to be discussed before it gets worse” Alex Haigh

In Haigh’s website promoting an anti-phubbing fun game, which is a group of friends in a restaurant is placed all its smartphones stacked on one another, loses what punishment takes first and pays the bill. We also found a form letter against phubbing, so that you can send to a relative or friend.

Phubbing the bad habit of our times

Today almost everyone has a smartphone or device that takes him, with which you can also talk on the phone, you can access the internet, social networks, play games, take pictures and use many applications, this is fabulous and our generation should be grateful to so much technology in the palm of our hands. But even where its use can become a bad hobby and an act of snub to the person or persons who accompany us.

“This has gained wide exposure. We did not expect this level of interest. Far better to have a conversation in the real world, you enjoy the company of a cold inanimate object “Alex Haigh.

The thing is simpler than it seems, the key word is “respect”. We must give priority to the real world and the person who is with us even though it may cost a little at first especially those living with eyes on the screen of your device, but we must begin to be kinder and more consistent with those around us. Just not the phubbing.

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