Personal brand: uses and abuses

personal branding

While the brand is a more personal, promotion differs subtly from the rest of the commercial. Review their strategies and make adjustments if necessary.
personal branding
Many people who have managed a career or are in the process, are excellent professionals, entrepreneurs and / or experts on a topic of collective interest, and this excellence is precisely what drives them to transform such raw material, product or brand , which by its composition, is defined as quality.

Unlike manufactured products, which have undergone a process of market research, testing and quality control before its release, the personal brand should evaluate themselves, not to mention the work of marketing and closures, which are also self- managed.

You are the product, valuesa.

Also need to possess a personal brand identity previously recognized, the perception that other people about their own work, what they know and say, that leads people to draw blindfolded, to the person or brand. (For purposes of personal branding is useless promoted without background).

The characteristics of good use of a personal brand, serving some of the following:

  • They use marketing techniques combined
  • Use the intelligent networking (choosing good configuration items)
  • Maintain a web presence, managing very well the contents and actions
  • Virtual show a clear profile, oriented and ordered
  • They communicate through social networks but inform, promote and operate across sites and platforms designed specifically for this purpose
  • Share valuable information, providing good service (with sufficient criteria not to compete with itself)
  • Present and makes use of traditional means of marketing
  • Be selective in where, when and why to be present

Common Errors

There are also those who abuse their name or brand, wearing resources can be better employed. The most common errors or abuses with which it handles personal brand are:

Building a virtual image not correspond to the real world

This allows you to create an enviable reputation on the web. The point is to determine how long you can sustain, because although the digital media such as paper, put up all a bad reference on line, just branded in much less time to build employee.

Saturate the media with advertising

People who think that ubiquity is a good marketing strategy, are totally wrong. Nothing is more detrimental to a career.

Live connected to social networks

People get confused with a profile like interacting with friends than with customers, playing while you work, belonging to 200 different groups, has several blog, use tiwtter, facebook and linkeding, What time works?

Collecting networking

There is no point adding contacts who have no connection with what is done or offered, and those who can not interact. Do not make the mistake of thinking that quantity equals quality. This approach is valid for mass production, but for a career does not apply.

Trajectory, consistency and accountability

These are some of the elements essential to own and drive a good personal brand as well be clear about the means and strategies used in the promotion, and selection criteria is not the same as pursuing the establishment of a network of followers four digits, a select network structure and manageable, with which to interact responsibly and promptly.

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