Panasonic DT50: Viera Smart printing

The TVs have been the faithful companion of many families for decades, even many times been the inseparable companion of many children who have followed series in the afternoon while waiting for their parents get home from work. Thus, this product “dispensable” in many homes, has started to become an “indispensable” for the features it brings to have become “smart” by the grace of the art engineering, “We welcome the Smart TVs” .

The last thing we expect in a TV is that you have Internet access and also incorporates a camera that will enable us to do video conferencing with programs like Skype, well, the Panasonic Viera Smart has that and more.

Panasonic was one of the most delayed brands offer intelligent content on their TVs if you compare with the competition, but we reviewed the Smart Viera room for complacency in many ways, especially with the Panasonic DT50 enjoying LED technology and has an amazing aesthetic.

This smart TV has access to the Internet via Ethernet port and WiFi, has USB and various little things more. When you access the options menu of the TV smart we realize that never fails to show us what we were seeing, and displaying a menu on the bottom that gives us access to everything. The landscape changes as we enter the “Viera Connect“, which leads to a screen full of services and applications, and a Market.

One of the items that we really liked is the ability to handle basic and advanced Panasonic DT50 from the cell, because whether we have an Android phone or IOS, we can use it to control everything, but there is no control or gestural voice.

Viewing multimedia content

When playing content, the Panasonic Viera let us take three sources, namely, memory cards, USB drives and DLNA. The beauty of this system is that a playback format support more than acceptable, which stands out above the rest mkv with subtitles – with resolution up to 1080p.

When we decided to record content DT50 Panasonic has no problem, although they need a 160GB hard drive minimum and maximum 2TB, which must be supplied externally.

Panasonic plays it with Skype and access to social networks

The ability to video conference with Skype is a known fact for Panasonic looked the inclusion of a camera (which must be attached separately) and will allow us to see even in full screen. The program interface concerned is very well made and perfectly adapted to the needs of all consumers.

Another interesting point is that we can hold a video conference and the other side of the screen to be watching a program on TV (the same can be done when we decide to use Facebook or Twitter).

Web browsing, renovated to the bone

panasonic-dt50-sideThe beauty of Smart Viera is that now you can browse and seldom seen on a smart conventional TV, and that we love. When we go to the option immediately shows a mosaic of 27 square favorites that we recorded, which is already a help.

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