Packing Medical Supplies

Medical equipment and medications should be handled with care when they are packaged. These are vital components that doctors need in offices and hospitals. Some of the equipment packaged could be used to save someone’s life. There are methods of medical packaging that will protect the equipment or medicines inside the box until it arrives at the destination.

When medical equipment is sent from one location to another, even if it’s just to a neighboring town, it’s important to take all of the precautions necessary to ensure that the items don’t break while en route. You should learn of all of the protocols of the medical facility where the equipment is being sent before packaging. Some locations might have specific requirements for packaging that need to be met before the package can be opened. You don’t want to risk the package being sent back to get packaged again as there could be medications that a patient needs inside the box.

All of the packaging should be done so that it’s easy to open. It should also be easy to handle. Make sure the package is sent through the proper channels. If there is a small envelope, then it could probably be sent through the daily mail. A large item would need to be sent through UPS or a delivery service. Get a tracking number so that you know where the package is and when it has been delivered. A reusable crate is an idea if there is something that needs to be protected. They can sometimes be heavier than a cardboard box, but they will offer more protection. Some packaging solutions can be used more than once. If you plan on sending items on a regular basis, then communicate with the receiving location that you would like to have the container sent back so that it can be reused.

If you are sending a large piece of medical equipment, ensure that it’s easy to open and easy to roll off a truck or to the proper area of the building once the package is opened. Casters and wheels can be included in the package to make it easier to get the item from the delivery truck to the right location.

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