Nvidia GTX 690, the world’s most powerful


nvidia-gtx-690As we have stated in our title, Nvidia rises again as the video card manufacturer with the most powerful product in the world with the release of the GTX 690. Subject to be the most powerful, we must remember it is a dual video card GPU.

Some of the features of this video card are counting on a 28nm process work, which reigns in absolute absence of competitor after the questions have even known the AMD 7990.

Nvidia GTX 690, only where you look

Some of the features that make this model unique is the one to have a hardware design that is specially designed to take full advantage of its capabilities. Results from the above that we find an aluminum casing, which is guarantees Nvidia has the greatest potential to cool the video card in question. This time the preferred Nvidia aluminum instead of plastic, which is cheaper but more heat accumulates.

Moreover, Nvidia GTX 690 included in one large fan in the center of the plate. This is not a minor detail, because rather than using the size of the hardware to include more than one, Nvidia preferred to use a magnesium alloy construction of the fan to increase cooling properties of the same and lasts longer than a plastic one.

Finally, we should remember that the card continues to use the Vapor Chamber Cooling System Design for which much has been said in previous products that otherwise works excellent shape.

Performance of the GTX 690 from Nvidia

The best way to compare this beast from Nvidia is taking as parameter the last great product of the company, the GTX 680. In this sense, the new video card is 75% faster in performance than its predecessor when tested with resolutions of 2560×1600 pixels, but how many people have hardware to play those resolutions?

Subject as mentioned in the previous paragraph, we think that one of the strengths of the product to see what will be able to field its 4GB of Ram GDRR5 under 512bits interface, as this can make a difference to their competence still unknown.

Characteristics of the Nvidia GTX 690

The specifications provided by Nvidia about video card performance are:

  • Dual core “Kepler” working with 28nm processes, speed of 915MHz and 1019MHz up Turbo
  • 4GB of RAM type 512-bit GDDR5 running at 6Gbps
  • 3072 CUDA cores
  • PCI Express 3.0
  • Food based on two 8-pin connectors
  • 300 Watt TDP
  • Outputs up to 3 DVI video and a 1.2 MiniDisplayPort



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