Now Facebook is interested in how long you read their publications

facebook_17It is no secret that Facebook is watching us to the millimeter and to do so using a series of algorithms, similar to those used by Google. This time the most popular social network in the world has made some changes to their algorithms in order to record the time it used its users to read their publications and see the various updates. The reasons are not yet clear, but we suspect they are commercial.

According to Facebook these new changes are due to a desire to further customize the famous wall updates, where we see News Feed, where updates, news and other interactions appear.

“We found that if people spend more time on a particular story another is a sign that the content was relevant to them” Ensures Facebook.

Usually changes in Facebook are due to several factors, this time sounds interesting at least in theory, although it is clear that this information (the time you pass the user reading this or that news) will be utilized in many ways, not only for improve the user experience and assures Facebook.

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