New on laptops 2012

Developments in the world of laptops do not stop coming for this 2012, and an example of this is that they have begun to see more and more often ultralight prototype touchscreen and hybrids share the features of a laptop and a tablet with the best technology on the market.

Ultrabook touchscreen

Intel has begun to to expecting for consumers since he was at CeBIT 2012 a touchscreen ultrabook, as said the technology will soon reach the windows for those who need to interact with the computer straight.

While developing the IDF2012 in Brazil, had access to a model that met the expectations announced by Intel in the event mentioned above, but only with a reference model to provide a basis for other manufacturers implement the technology in comment on other products.

The test ultralight was inside a Core i5 1.7GHz, even under the system reached 2.2GHz Turbo Boost, while the amount of RAM was 2GB. While the technology was to accept up to ten simultaneous touch points, the evidence did not show an ad hoc response to what consumers are looking for today, but it is a very important beginning.

It is hoped that the introduction of this technology comes hand in hand with the release of Windows 8, which is designed to pair with the mobile version (Windows Phone) and, therefore, is designed for touch interaction with the user .

Notebooks of the future: Tablets and ultra-light one

Intel again comes to the assault of the manufacturer showing that you can do many things with the technology available, hence the show in Brazil IDF2012 hybrids between ultralight and tablet.

The concept is simple, optimize the operation of the ancient versatile notebook off the tablets, since both products lack what the other has, so why not make one? It is true that similar things have gone in past years, but nothing like what we see now.

ultrabook-tabletIt is notable that the response speed of Windows 8 has been found with these devices, since Intel is ahead of the rest with regard to use of the next operating system that Microsoft will bring to light, which is designed in such developments.

Best of all is that, unlike the devices we saw earlier (notebooks with rotatable screen and folding), they are flat, lightweight and have a practical ability to seamlessly blends with the aesthetics of the product, which is beautiful where you look. An example of this is the prototype Intel Letexo, which was a ultrabook with slide-out keyboard and touch screen of 12 inches.

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