New Microsoft mail account, all totally free


Microsoft launched the world a new email client that impresses with its minimalist design, almost free of advertising and with features that shine when the market between Windows 8, we mean “”.

The managers work Microsoft has been pretty good, especially when we have to refer to the “little” advertising that shows users purchase interesting possibilities, though often bothers editions such as Hotmail. Another point worth emphasizing is that it has generated a mix of Microsoft and social networks against spam, so the filter available is quite complete and works, reaching truthfully prove that the sender email actually exists. is visually appealing, but also interesting to look carefully for things like “unlimited”, lack of invitations to make an account and tell “soon” complete integration with Skype, which could tip things in their favor speed. For those with a classic Hotmail, there are new, as they can also update their view of and use an alias under this termination or follow “@” if you will.

constant updating
Thinking that life Microsoft users, mostly, is governed by social networks, have created several options for those interested importing all the information they need from your existing accounts or from your previous email client. You can import lists format. “Csv” from Gmail, etc.

The good thing about these changes is that now, who integrate their account with Facebook, for example, may directly see what happens with them, as well as what happens on Twitter through an unfolding right column with all information.

Integrated messaging client compatible with Facebook
If we are fans of Facebook, so we’re lucky to get an account because we can talk to all the contacts we have in the largest social network in the world through a messaging system’s own email client, can also connect to YouTube, Flickr, RSS readers, and several other options.
The benefits accruing to the twitter is sending the tweets directly through the system if even move to another application not Helpful?

Developments on productivity
Beyond these advantages, the best is on productivity, now can integrate Office files directly from the browser, change privacy settings from Word, Excel and Powerpoint, among other things. Being associated with SkyDrive can directly edit the content and host it in the cloud, and all with an interface identical to that of Office.


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