New Air Conditioner Installation in NYC

I know that summer is almost over but it keeps getting into the upper 70s during the day here, even though it has been dropping down to 50 or below at night. If it was just 50 degrees all day long, I could live with that and not worry about air conditioning, but the upper 70s are a different story all together. I guess I have no choice but to try to find someone to do air conditioning installation in New York City for a decent price. I am kind of annoyed that my air conditioning unit decided to kick the bucket less than probably a month before I won’t have to use it anymore.

If it had waited a little bit longer, I could put this off until next year. But I guess either way I would end up paying for it anyway. So in the end it doesn’t make that much of a difference. But I just don’t have a whole lot of extra money at the moment, and so it is probably going to stretch my budget pretty tight to pay for a new air conditioning unit.

I wish that it could just be repaired as that would not cost near as much money as it will cost to have a whole new air conditioning unit put in the place. I already had a friend come and look at it, and he spent a few hours messing with it, and determined that it is beyond fixing. Instead, he said my only option was to have a whole new unit put in. Of course, I guess I could buy a lot of window units and just use them. But that seems like an even worse option just paying the money to get someone to put a new one in.

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