Multiple Machines

Hearing the words that you need an MRI can sometimes be frightening. Most machines are enclosed and are loud while the scan is taking place. This can make some people apprehensive about the test, which can sometimes prevent the doctor from getting the necessary results about a diagnosis if you choose not to have the MRI completed.

An open MRI in Jersey offers a more relaxing experience. There are a few different kinds of machines with benefits from each one. A wide open system is often the most comfortable. The scanner is about three times the size of the traditional system. It gives more space for those who are obese and need to have exams done as the table can hold up to 550 pounds. There is an exceptional quality provided for the images that are taken. Children who need a scan done will find that the environment is pleasing as they aren’t in a tube. There is enough room for a parent to lay on the table with the child to provide comfort through holding the hand or talking during the procedure. Elderly patients will find that it’s easier to lay on the table. Space is available to accommodate medical equipment that might not be able to be removed during the scan, such as an IV line.

Another type of machine is the wide bore MRI. This is similar to the traditional design, but there is a wider opening. The tubes are also shorter so that there is not a compromising feeling while the scan is done. This is an option for those who are obese or who have feelings of claustrophobia.

Doctors and medical staff often want their patients to be as comfortable as possible while getting any kind of medical exam completed. The open MRI is one way that patients can get the necessary tests so that the doctor can determine if there are any injuries inside the body that need to be treated. Larger hospitals will often have the latest technology and multiple machines so that doctors can offer a choice to patients instead of only using one option.

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