Microsoft Windows 8, buy it now or regret later


Windows 8 is the latest operating systems developed by Microsoft, which promises to be more friendly, best designed and almost bulletproof, and so many did not expect to deal with past mistakes in this new version. As we said in an article inside, not talk about the interface “Metro” that always spoke as a patent issue of Redmond have had to do without the name, and everyone knows what we mean (especially if you have a phone with Windows phone 7).

For those interested in acquiring this new OS, there is good news, because Microsoft wanted to kick-start offering it at a price of $ 14.99. Who dares to refuse such a gift? Despite the good news, you have to read the fine print to realize that the offer is limited to those who purchase a PC from the June 2, 2012 to January 31, 2013 (although there is also a program for those who do not buy a computer new).

Should comply with the conditions imposed by Microsoft, can sign up on the site ( and then simply wait until 26 October when it will launch, by e-moment we will mail a code through which unload Windows 8.

For those thinking of buying a PC in this period, should be aware that unless U.S. users will be asked – in addition to the purchase date, phone number, address, store that bought the computer name and email – the 25-character key for Windows 7 anti-piracy issue.

Windows 8 lowered for all
We all know that the reference value of the Microsoft operating systems not lower than $ 199, but this time the company wanted to make a change and this, along with the previous program, will offer its OS to all who wish for $ 39; 99 (Windows 8 Pro). The mode will be “update your Windows XP and Vista to Windows 8 Pro”. Those wishing to obtain a physical copy of the product must pay a price of $ 69.99 in stores enabled.

The promotional price is intended for those who purchase Windows first (ie anyone), so no special requirements whatsoever. The offer is valid until January 31, 2013, when it would be marketed to the normal price of $ 199.

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