Microsoft takes legal action for Xbox 720 filtration


The leaks of what will be the next Xbox 720 requires Microsoft to take legal action to prevent the contents from spreading. A complete 56-page document on the next generation video game console from Microsoft, Xbox 720, seeping acid Internet in recent days, thereby revealing many ideas that could serve the closest competitors of the mark before a launch imminent occur around 2013. While only speculation that whether or not to occur announced the launch hereinabove mentioned, the fact is that Microsoft took legal action to formally request to withdraw from the network the information in question.

Among the novelties in the document on the Microsoft Xbox 720 is the inclusion within the system console Kinect, while the use of augmented reality glasses that would change the way you play consumer. There are many innovations that really can be seen in the leaked document, however, few sources from which they download and mass was removed from all sites where he was staying. The law firm responsible for carrying out this request was Covington & Burling LLP, which are international lawyers who advise clients Microsoft among others.

At the moment there are many sites that have given the course of receiving formal notification from the group of lawyers to withdraw the material committed to Microsoft, so we assume there is enough truth in it.

Fortaleza, code-named Xbox 720
Of all the information contained in the leaked document from Microsoft, the most notable is that the next game console would be sold for $ 299, which would include the Kinect sensor (which would be in it) and which would be configured to accept up to four players simultaneously. While the console launch would take place during 2013, in 2014 Microsoft contemplate the possibility of launching a few glasses actually increased, thus absolutely complement the gaming experience and use multimedia to your console.

Update on the hardware used in the generation of Xbox would be the inclusion of a Blu-Ray to avoid storage problems as has happened so far, have the ability to run applications simultaneously filter have stereoscopic (3D) and accept output up to two high definition displays. According to the document obtained from the network, the graphical definition of the next console Microsoft would improve the current four to six months, which will leave the fence too high for what you present when you get Sony Playstation 4.

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