Microsoft Surface, Windows 8 tablet that will revolutionize the market

Microsoft has unveiled what will be its Surface tablet with Windows 8, a device that will mark a turning point in the sense that you can have one of these products. Microsoft is determined to change everything back to the manufacture of hardware that can be combined as never before seen, the versatility of a tablet, laptop and even a mobile Surface. The answer to the question that we all have when we refer to the characteristics just mentioned is how we achieve this with one device? The answer is with Microsoft Surface.

For most talk of a tablet that uses Windows 8 is a problem for the features that the device in question and needs is an operating system like Windows 8, however, the good news announced by the company recognized software and hardware in the U.S. and around the world allow a clear idea of what could be a major strategic shift hereafter.

microsoft-surface-backMicrosoft Surface is a tablet developed by the company commented that hardware has an unconventional, nothing less than an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge, which lets you use the Microsoft product like a Ultrabook of the soon begin shipping.

The bet that the company has done is doubly smart because it uses a vision that forces the user to choose between two versions of the Microsoft Surface, which determine the use that sum may be given to the device. The first option calls Windows 8 RT while the second Windows 8 Professional, but what’s the difference? For those who know nothing of this initiative from Microsoft, it must be said not only is there a difference in the use of software, but also implemented in hardware, because while the first option may do many things with the second can do that and also use programs like Photoshop, which demands a lot of system requirements to run smoothly.

Differences between RT and Pro Windows 8
microsoft-surface-sideAs mentioned above, the differences between Microsoft operating systems are not as we know in current operating systems company, as rooted differences in the use of the hardware that is mainly used in the tablet. The first of these operating systems, Windows 8 RT uses an ARM architecture while the second Windows 8 Pro, harnesses the power of Intel Core i5 architecture. Some of the commonalities that are both tablets are 10.6 inches that has a screen, microSD card connectivity, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video and two MIMO antennas located at the ends of the tablet for a total reception Wi-Fi.

Among the highlights of Microsoft products are the development of housing, which is made of VaporMG, with excellent finishing and durability worthy of praise. The settings at the level of storage capacity ranging from 32GB to 128GB depending on the model.

microsoft-surface-soonWithin the framework of the differences between the two platforms above, is the weight and thinness of the product. In the tablet have Windows 8 RT 676 g and 9.3mm thick, while in the tablet have Windows 8 Pro 903 g and 13.5mm thick. While both models have the same size screen, the first of these is the type HD Display, while the second is Full HD – which is an important difference.

In a future article will reveal more details about the Microsoft Surface that we speak now, revealing important details on the tablet from Microsoft that will change everything.

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