Microsoft introduced its new “Windows 10” operating system

windows-10(2)Microsoft finally presented its new operating system, which takes surprisingly named “Windows 10” (or Thresholdl or Windows 9 as been speculating). The city of San Francisco was the setting for the presentation, Terry Myerson, Windows chief, was on hand to make the presentation. Its greatest feature is that all kinds of devices, whether mobile or desktop is a supported operating system.

“There are over one billion people using Windows. It’s time for a new Windows, to be built under the first premise mobility, cloud first, “Terry Myerson, head of Windows.

According to its creators, the Windows 10 combines the best of Windows 7 and the best of Windows 8, and is intended for users to feel familiar with this new operating system.

Full compatibility

Undoubtedly his greatest and most attractive feature is its compatibility with all kinds of technological devices. The Windows 10 can be used with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.) in addition to desktop computers.

The classic “Menu”

One of the weaknesses of Windows 8 was the appearance of the desktop, so Microsoft listened to the reviews of users and return to the classic Windows menu, much like the one we know of Windows 7, although it retains some features and much of the design Windows 8; ie on one side the list of applications and other customizable hand, already with shortcuts and favorite programs.

New applications

One of the novelties of this new operating system are called “apps” window. These are applications that appear as a window and can be used like other desktop programs. Icons that can be customized (resize, move, maximize, minimize or close).

Enhanced multiscreen

The concept of multi-and we had seen in Windows 8, but in this new operating system has enhanced the experience. You can partition the screen into 4 to have 4 applications in simultaneous operation. To accomplish this you can access the “multiple desktops”, in which you can sue a specific task to each one of them.

Change interface by device

This option is called “Continuum” will allow the user to change the interface based on the device being used, so the view of the screen is more friendly depending on the device, adapting to the needs.

The new Windows 10 will be available in November 2015, and from 1 October this year a test version for developers will.

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