Microsoft changes its Windows 8 Metro and begins to Surface 2


It is well known by those who usually keep up in the technological contingency Microsoft has been concerned enough to develop a modern interface, entertaining and above all efficient, to compete with its rivals, either in terms of the mobile as in the computers. So, those who remember the name “Metro” as the nickname classic interface developed for phones with Windows Phone and the upcoming Windows 8, shall henceforth call him only “Windows 8”.

The news may be that for many lacks visibility, but apparently for issues related to patents and rights to the name “Metro” has had to choose to switch to Windows 8 Metro to call interface previously alluded. From now on our Windows Mobile Phone will interface with Windows 8 Does it seem consistent? The truth does not matter, but it is cheaper and effective for Microsoft to do so.

When we seek for our mobile applications or computer impressions if we do not find it anywhere “Metro interface applications”, now appears as “Windows 8 interface applications.” A case like this we have seen in Google, who chose to move from Android Market Google Play by a question mark, nothing more.

Microsoft anticipates what will Surface 2
Everyone is waiting for the launch of Surface, the laptop – tablet that Microsoft has developed for use with Windows 8 (OS to be released at the same time), and that ended up being evicted despite the criticisms made by their partners, such as Acer.

The uproar that created this new product has been such that Microsoft has already started work on the second version of this product and I am in between said about his past statements that indicated “Surface was just an idea for the rest manufacturers follow suit “as they are already designing an evolution.

Which is developing a second improved version is clear after the job announcement published by the Redmond saying “Surface Team focuses on creating devices that fully express the vision of Windows … We are building the next version and you Surface needs “. Example as above there are many, it has not been published in one place the offer, although others do detailed expertise is needed in the environment “touch”.


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