Michael Fertik, a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

The technology is providing new and more chances and opportunity for anyone to create and start new business by providing certain service or creating new product. There are some people that practically gain success by creating new business and providing certain services based on new and modern technologies like computer or internet based business services. Among those new internet entrepreneurs, there is Michael Fertik that already becomes a successful internet entrepreneur by mixing his skill and knowledge about technology and law. He was a US Chief Judge’s clerk that provides him enough knowledge about law to start a business that focuses on controlling and protecting a person’s reputation and privacy on the online environment. Today, he is the Chief Executive and also the Founder of Reputation.com.

He believes that everybody has their rights to have reputation protection and privacy; due to that reason, he started an online reputation management service and being a pioneer in this business as an outstanding cyber thinker about online reputation, privacy and their relation to the law. Michael is also taking part in the movement in protecting youth about their online safety. He is a member of the Advisory Board for an NGO that focus the movement about youth online safety.

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