Menus Are a Marketing Tool

For a unique and outstanding presentation, designer leather menus are an excellent choice. They present an elegant and sophisticated appearance and enhance the food and drink contents inside.

Upscale fine dining establishments join high ranking hotels, resorts, clubs, pubs, family restaurants, cafes and bars in the desire to offer menus and wine journals with a rich look and a soft touch that will encourage the customers to order and enjoy the best selection of cuisine and beverages.

Menu covers, whether in high-end 100 percent genuine leather with its feel and scent or in a wide variety of simulated leather in soft grains and beautiful colors that are available at a fraction of the cost, are also durably hard wearing and flexible in order to last much longer than a cover made of a lesser material.

These popular covers come in a number of sizes and shapes to fit your personal requirements in taste and budget. You also choose the number of panels, the insert with an attractive arrangement of your menu items, and other details.

Custom engraving of your name and logo add the final touch to a gorgeous presentation that will set the stage to enhance your customers’ dining and drinking experiences.

If you desire, you can save time and money by making your choice from one of many pre-designed menu templates. By just emailing your menu items into the office, a professional menu can be created by talented in-house graphic design and printing services for approximately half the cost of an individualized one.

Your customized menu and its cover speak volumes about your unique style and culinary offerings. Outstanding and exceptional lovely designer menu covers using the finest of materials and creative workmanship with a wide range of techniques are tailored specifically to your particular cuisine and will be remembered and talked about by the impressed patrons.

These menus thus become a quality marketing tool to get the attention of satisfied customers and of those to whom they recommend your establishment and will hopefully become partakers of your superb cuisine, excellent wines, and specialty cocktails.

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