Manage the visibility of your articles and pages WordPress!

Hide Post 2.8 is a plugin that allows you to manage the visibility of various articles and pages on your WordPress blog. You can edit an individual item / page and assign some visibility on your blog or your RSS feed. The plugin simply adds a module in the edit page of an article / page and lets you hide the article from your homepage, category selected keywords registered author of the page , archives, research results and your RSS feed.

hide post

Hide Post 2.8 has no further option, but the module is not on the same page management. When you edit a page, it is offered to hide it if it appears on the homepage or hide it completely. There will be no visible trace of this page. This plugin is a good tool for managing content, rather simple to use and allows you to make such promotional campaigns directly into your RSS feed without displaying the article on your blog or vice versa.

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