How to make your site Mobile Friendly

The mobile trend is impacting everything from shopping and entertainment to paying bills. As a result, Google has made changes to the ranking algorithm that will greatly affect any business that is not mobile friendly. Google has recognized the mobile explosion and has in turn begun the process of prioritizing websites that are mobile friendly. Part of the benefits of being mobile friendly includes increased ranking in search results and appearing in more search results which mean more visibility.

What Happens when your Website isn’t Mobile Friendly?
Unfortunately, failing to optimize your website for mobile platforms may mean that your site fails to rank or doesn’t show up in search results at all. Google has given the mobile platform priority because it is such a popular form of internet engagement. The use of mobile devices has exploded. Mobile devices are used for both entertainment purposes and functional and important purposes. Google has added the mobile platform into their updated mobile algorithm. Google will search your web pages for mobile compatibility. Failure to have a website optimized for mobile compatibility can result in decreased ranking and visibility.

What are the Benefits of having a Mobile Friendly Website?
A mobile friendly website will increase your ranking and even allow your site to show up in more searches. The opposite will happen if your site is not mobile friendly. In addition, many of your customers may use mobile devices to access your website. If your site is not mobile friendly, it may not be visible at all. This spells disaster for any business.

What Steps Can you take to make your site Mobile Friendly?
First of all, Google has a mobile friendly checker that can be used to determine if your site is compatible across mobile devices. If not, there are things that you can do to correct this. There are also tools that you can use to help develop a more mobile friendly website. This is not pvd technology, but it’s still important.

Get mobile friendly. Test your site and determine what you need to do, if anything, to become more mobile friendly. Developing a mobile friendly site will put money in your pocket and help you to maintain and grow your customer base. The use of mobile devices has become widespread. The number of apps developed proves how widespread the use of mobile devices is. They are used for a myriad of different things which include both entertainment and important functional uses.

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