Keeping a business negotiation

negotiationSuccessfully complete a business negotiation is central to achieving our goals, but like everything in life is mostly a matter of practice. Take note of these five tips and you’ll get further:

1. Prepare
Getting to the meeting with a good preparation is key to success in business negotiations. Before we face it, we must ask ourselves the following questions: what goals we want to achieve?, what information we need to convince our interlocutor?, what agreements with the other party see as possible?, and what the negotiations would result unacceptable? So if all the information we worked, we will have more options to steer the conversation and lead our party to our land.

2. Play
A part of your interests, you should find what you want our party. For this is as simple as listening carefully. It is also advisable to repeat the statements of the other party in our own words, and always show respect and understanding. The treatment should always be cordial, as an equal and not as an adversary. No excessive rivalry should be noted though to have conflicting interests, to avoid creating negative emotions because they rarely lead to positive results.

3. Ask
Usually you ask questions, often leading the conversation generally. That’s because getting information from the other makes you increase your bargaining power. When we ask we usually put our party on the defensive and force you to explain. Feel free to ask any questions that are relevant and can better focus your strategy. However, it should avoid using overly aggressive tone. We must concentrate also on the clarity and avoid monologues.

4. Stop talking and talking
In a business negotiation is vital always show courtesy to our interlocutor. For example, let him finish the sentence, no eye contact, attend to other matters as you speak or make gestures that might bother you. And we must give some time for setting out his arguments, but not indefinitely. A trick to get done talking is looking into his eyes, raised eyebrows and put a face of doubt.

5. Practice
To be proficient in business negotiations, there is no best practice advice. The more we talk, the more we will gain in expressiveness, persuadability and eloquence about our partners. On the other hand, the more experience gained, we will be more efficient when looking for solutions.

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