Jobs to be avoided

avoid jobWhen looking for a job, in addition to its conditions are good, fits our expectations and we project ourselves professionally, we also expect the company or business where we begin to work a place where we do our job more or less comfortable and quiet, we support when we need it, we feel that we are part of a project and not end up in a position from which, a few months, we are wanting to get out.

The way he treats you in charge of the selection process or the employer is important. Although there are interviews conducted to see how you react under pressure, that does not mean at any time that you should be rude or to interview you cite just a few hours ahead, as this will surely keep the tone you when you come to work with them.

It is important to pay attention to the description that you do the job, as they all have both advantages and disadvantages.

Beware if you only report the positive aspects of the job or behave as if they wanted to sell it, as they surely are hiding many negative aspects that have to face when you signed the contract.

Look at how they organize the interviews, the selection process, the time to contact you, if the interviewer is always the same, and so on. This will give you and idea of ??how seriously the organization with the company. A chaotic selection process can be caused by a chaotic organization with which we must deal with if the end is chosen for the position.

Try to find out about the turnover. If excessive, probably due to working conditions or the particular position are hard to bear, and workers are willing to leave.

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