IPv6, a new Internet protocol already begun

The enforcement of IPv6 communication protocol began a couple of days and thus, changes in navigation and ISPs. It said that some time ago that the June 6, 2012 would begin a new era of Internet, one that would be marked by the use of a new protocol that would begin from that time to work on a permanent basis, we mean the famous IPv6. Subject has been announced in advance and even to be named a specific date for the beginning of the Internet protocol, not everyone knows that means, what it is and what will change in the network.

What is IPv6?
IPv6 is an Internet protocol, a communication protocol that directly affects IP addresses. Thus, each time a user connects to the network from your computer, what it does is send a request to a particular server, who is responsible for displaying the information on screen but how do you know where to direct our request? He knows because each site is assigned a series of numbers, and we also have a series of numbers assigned to our computer, standard with which we identify and allows packets of data sent back also.

Since 1981 everyone uses the communication protocol IPv4, which uses 32-bit addresses allowing a total of 4.294,967.296 directions. The problem is that, although the amount seems almost infinite, reality showed that the reserves were depleted in some parts of the world and it was necessary to implement a new protocol, which was created in the 90 IPv6.

The new Internet communication protocol we are talking about using 128-bit addresses, which delivers results in a total of 340 sextillion addresses to use. Makers is how to devise plan to implement this new protocol to address these smart phones, tablets and other devices that will be developed in the near future. While the creation of IPv6 completed several years ago (1996), implementation has been slow and suggests a number of challenges to overcome.

One of the advantages which recognizes this protocol is that its architecture is much more secure than IPv4, so working with her is extremely auspicious.

Some of the challenges of implementing the protocol is that, although we begin to see it in different parts of the world from today, the old protocol (IPv4) will run in parallel with the new, so it is likely that there are users who can not browse certain sites, not to mention that there is compatibility between the two communication protocols (sites).

When we speak of the birth of a new Internet, we are not just using big words, but we refer to a reality limitation, because the communication protocols IPv4 and IPv6 work began on 6 Internet by creating a parallel independently of each another. It is for this that correspond to each user to check with your Internet service provider, whether or not they support the new communication protocol. In the same way, those who use router will have to check that support IPv6 as well.

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