iPhone 5s: the fingerprint reader could serve in the future trackpad

IPhone 5s brings a number of improvements and of these , there obviously has the famous Touch ID reader allows the user to identify himself with his fingerprints. Within seconds, it is possible to unlock the terminal or even to make a purchase on the AppStore without having to enter a code or password. This is obviously very convenient but the player could play a more important role in the future. In fact, if one believes UnwiredView , it could very well serve as a trackpad luxury . And it also seems that Apple engineers are already working on it …

At present , to handle an iPhone, it is necessary to run his fingers on the screen, or press its few physical buttons . As evidenced found this patent on Wipo , Apple is currently reviewing other tracks based on its Touch ID reader . All with a pretty clear goal : turn it into a real trackpad, a little picture of what we could find on the old BlackBerry .

touch-id-iphone-5sAs everyone knows , the Touch ID reader is quite flexible. It is capable of reading fingerprints from any finger, without worrying about their meaning. All with an effective resolution of 500 dpi as a bonus, it does not spoil anything .
Advanced functions to prepare the launch of the iPhone 6 ?

Thanks to these characteristics, the guy could well serve as trackpad, and allow us to better control our our smartphone or tablets . The applications are numerous , and some images shown on this page will give you a slightly better idea of what can be considered. If this player could for example be used to quickly navigate between icons in the dock , it would be quite able to support multitouch gestures . It would so we zoom in on a picture, or even rotate on its axis, we need without putting your fingers on the screen of our device.

If you believe the latest rumors corridor to date, then the next smartphone produced by Apple could see their screen turn around 5 inches. The firm would even phablette in preparation. Functions such as those described above would take a little while sense on this type of device, since they are difficult to be controlled in one hand.

In any case, one thing is certain : if Apple wants to actually dig this track , then the Touch ID reader should democratize quickly and settle permanently on all iDevices present the catalog of the firm.

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