iPhone 5 would sell 10 million in a week

According to forecasts based on sales history of Apple, the new iPhone could beat sales records in just 7 days.

Apple has sold millions of iPhones in its history, since in 2007 the recently deceased Steve Jobs showed the first iPhone to the world. That first mobile device went on sale in June of that year, at the end of 2007 and had sold 1.12 million units, a record for that time.

A year later saw the light the iPhone 3G came with great expectations in July, and in October it had sold 6.9 million iPhones. That same year, about on par with the output of the iPhone 3G, Apple surprised us with the iPhone 3GS, the number of iPhones sold closed 2008 with 7.4 million units.

Already in 2010 the sales figures for iPhones would skyrocket with the release of iPhone 4, it sold 14.1 million units in just three months, breaking all records for Apple so far.

In October 2011, just weeks after the death of Steve Jobs, the iPhone 4S comes out, which caused a sensation in the world of technology, selling 4 million units in its first weekend.

According to the latest sales report from Apple in 2012, the bitten apple company to date has sold a whopping figure of 37.04 million iPhones.

In less than a week, on Wednesday, September 12 to be exact, comes out the much anticipated iPhone 5. Many technology experts and some prophets have predicted that this new mobile device will sell 10 million units in its first week. If we look at the figures above, this statement is not as outlandish as it sounds, if the iPhone 4S sold 4 million units in a weekend, why not the iPhone 5 could beat that record, if it has become the most anticipated, desired, rumored, naming all iPhones. Just wait a few more days to see if it makes history.

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