iPhone 5 disappoints many

There has been more than 3 days of the filing of the new iPhone 5 and as many speak of a disappointment.

The rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 could be counted by tens, making it the most anticipated mobile device more and more desired rumored history. His departure confirmed that almost all rumors were true, but what was not true that is as great as previously thought. Join us doing a little analysis of the “iPhone 5“.

Thinner and lighter
It seems to be the only workhorse Apple introducing the iPhone 5, although this new device is thinner, lighter and thinner (12%, 20% and 18% less than its predecessor), not far much to their nearest competitors also speak of minute differences that are measured in grams and some few millimeters, almost imperceptible to the human eye. Summarizing the difference is almost nothing, although some will tell me that is a breakthrough.

New connector, Why?
Apple defends new connector as the smallest lightning made especially for the iPhone 5. But all Apple users who use their iPod, iPad and iPhone with the same connector and can not be used with this new iPhone, but very “cautious” Apple also launched the adapter will cost $ 29. Do not tell me this is not provided at least suspicion.

LTE Network System can cost millions in lawsuit
As one who returns the favor, Samsung, Apple technological enemy, and slide the possibility of a millionaire sues the bitten apple company to use technology as they defend him. But in addition to this potential demand, this new technology (LTE) and is used by smartphones like the Galaxy S3 and the recent Lumia 920 and more. This means that there is nothing new in this.

Free Price and payment system
While there were some phone price plan members, not say anything in the price of iPhone 5 free, plus line out over the system of payment. A very important issue for everyone, and we all fear that this silence is translated into orbiting prices.

For many, the iPhone 5 is a dejavu, the difference with the Galaxy S3 is minimal and even debatable. It will be released in a few days and you can do a better analysis, although I do not discover anything new.

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