Investing in gold in times of crisis

gold barAccording to experts, investing in gold in times of crisis is a good option due to the same market stability and the loss of value of paper money in times of economic instability. However, before deciding to undertake the investment, you need to learn and get to know the gold market to find out where and when to invest. We should also keep in mind that investing in gold does not generate dividends and involves a number of expenses. But even with these drawbacks, it is a smart way to invest money we have saved a certain value.

There are different ways to invest in gold. The most common are:

  • Ingots and gold coins: It is the least conventional and most are the risks, because we store the bullion and gold coins in a safe place, with the costs involved.
  • Certificate of deposit: it is more advisable because gold is purchased by a certificate and is not necessary to have it at home or in a bank deposit, which reduces the cost and inconvenience of physical gold.
  • Gold Futures: Investing in them entails more risk and invested according to market expectations about the price of gold, so we have no security value of total investment.
  • Shares in mining companies, securities are purchased shares of companies engaged in gold mining.
  • Investment funds: These are the safest investment, since funding is managed by experts from whom investors buy shares. In 2009, funds have been the most profitable and which have wider acceptance.

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