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There are eighteen months, Katie Piper is a beautiful young woman with a flourishing career as a model and television presenter. Then she suffered a terrible attack, organized by his ex-fiancee, when acid was thrown in his face, causing extensive third degree burns and blindness in one eye. Since then, Katie has received more than 30 operations. His life has changed beyond recognition.

Now, the story of Katie is being told in a charming and intimate documentary, Katie: My Beautiful Face, which will be broadcast on Channel 4 Thursday, October 29. The film follows Katie at home and in hospital, receiving treatment and trying to reconcile with her new face, new life, and waiting to hear the verdict against his assailants. Here, Katie touching and speaks frankly about his memories of attack, his experience of the past 18 months, and because it is waiting for a bright future.

Where were you in your life before the attack took place in March 2008?
I was 24 years old, living in north London as a model and television presenter. And I have been clubbing and enjoying being young and single.

How did you meet Danny Lynch?
Originally the first contact is on Facebook. And there was a shortcut through the martial arts work I was doing.

Have you started to see, and everything was fine, right?
Yes, it was just like every time you start dating someone, he’ll have a drink and dinner, chatting on the phone. It was very intense, but there were no signs of what would happen.

When things start to go wrong?
Well, we only dated for a couple of weeks, so it was very early. I saw a streak of jealousy, possessiveness, anger problems, and small things in life do not add up. He said he was working, doing certain things, but in fact they have a job. Things were not adding.

And then one night in a London hotel, he raped you. Why do not you go to the police after this?
Because it kept me in the room all night, attacking me and threatening me that if I told anyone he would kill me and kill my roommates. He knew where I lived, where I parked my car. I was terrified.

Whether you remember March 31, 2008? What happened?
I remember everything. I remember walking from my apartment, and I was on the phone with Danny and he was leaving the house. Thus, while on the phone with him, I was walking across the balcony, the stairs together, and I opened the door and went out into the street. I was still on the phone, and a guy started crossing the street toward me. And as he approached me, I thought: “This is not just cross the street, coming toward me.” He made eye contact with me, and my arms were stuck in front of him with a cup in hand. I thought he was begging, so I said to Danny “Wait a minute.” He did not explain why he did not ask me why, and I put the phone to my ear and went to get money from her purse, and as I did, this guy threw acid in his face.

What happened next?
Initially, I just remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, how terrible, this guy just threw coffee at me, how rude! “I also thought about things like” I’ll have to go now and change my top. “Just stupid stuff. And then, seconds later, the pain was just soaring through my body, and j I thought that maybe it was bleach. And then when the pain occurred, and began cutting my vision, I knew it was sour. I thought I was fire, because my body was in pain, not just areas that are marked. And I knew that I had serious troubles. Losing my vision made me very vulnerable because I had no idea where he had escaped at. I do not know if Danny was there, I thought it would come get me and take me. Would do rape me again? And my cries were so loud that I have been deafening. I remember thought: “I hope that the noise stops, and then realize it was me.

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