I Knew It Was Time to Take Notice and Start Moving Forward Again

When my husband left me, I was devastated. I did not see it coming. While I may not have been the most attentive wife on the planet, and I did not own any sex toys or fancy lingerie, I was a good person and a good spouse. But he came in one day out of the blue, said that he no longer wished to be married, and he moved out within 24 hours. What was even worse is that he did it the day before Christmas. Over time, I leaned how to pick myself up and find happiness again. It was just a matter of me needing to look for it in the right places.

The person I married was not much of a talker. That’s part of the issue. I often tried to get him to open up, with no luck. I am a natural talker, and it makes sense to me to discuss things that are bothering you so that you can try to solve things together. But often, he would refuse to talk. So, when he came to me to say that he was leaving, it blew my mind.

Within months, I finally understood that I needed to get out of my funk for the sake of myself and my children. The kids needed me to be there for him, and I had not done a good job of that ever since their dad left. I can tell you that the first week that I quit feeling sorry for myself and began focusing on my children again, it lifted my spirits and theirs rather quickly. It was like night and day, and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The kids couldn’t stop hugging me and telling me how much they loved me. It was good to see them smiling again. And it was good to know that I had a lot more years with many more smiles to come.

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