Hyundai Genesis 2011

hyundai genesis

Freshly arrived in 2010, the hyundai genesis is getting a facelift for 2011. Hyundai is not quite satisfied with his current Genesis. Finally, the Korean automaker wants to ensure that the introduction of its Equus America is a success. Unfortunately, I despaired of seeing the Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6 and 3.8 of 306 hp reserved only for U.S. and Korean markets. It must ensure that other vehicles do not need to play in the flowerbeds of Equus. Photographers Site Leftlane car took pictures of the new Hyundai Genesis 2011.

As far as we can see, there is a new front and another behind. The 2011 Genesis is also equipped with a new 8-speed transmission. A 6-cylinder engine and one 8-cylinder naturally be offered. In what is said, everything could exceed 400 horsepower, such an immense power that could run like as a lightning flash :).

In my personal opinion, it’s good to see Hyundai as a manufacturer deals with its models. It is still quite rare to see a recent model also be changing as the Hyundai Genesis. Finally, I really think that Hyundai is far too in winning cars highest quality. Well, that’s the coolest car I ever seen before. Do you want to try riding them? Let’s hope so.

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