How to produce photographs of three dimensional (3D)


The procedure is fairly simple, is based on the principle of stereoscopic vision of human beings. To achieve this it is necessary to obtain two photographs of the object to portray, the first is an ordinary photograph.

The key to obtaining the 3D photography resides in the second frame, the same to be performed by moving the camera horizontally, a distance of between 3 and 5 cm. respect of the previous picture.

Thus we have obtained the views corresponding to each eye of the viewer. While the process of human vision makes the mixture of images for each eye in the cerebral cortex, in our case, since two images to be viewed with both eyes, we must resort to a device and this is the “anaglyph “.

The anaglyph consists in superimposing the images by applying a different color filter for each of them, for the first picture is used the color filter because it eliminates red to blue to green, to blue the second image by eliminating the to red, so we differentiate what each eye will see.

The filtrate from the talk in the preceding paragraph could formerly, placing corresponding optical filters in front of the camera lens; Today, thanks to the advent of the digital age is achieved by appropriate software as Callipigyan 3D, Photoshop Anamaker even with good results.

How to make 3D glasses

Once converted the photographs into a single image anaglifa, you must make the 3D glasses that allow the differentiation of the image to be perceived by each eye and thus allow us to display the image in 3D.

3D glassThe procedure is simple, just make a cardboard frame glasses and crystals how to put a piece of red cellophane for the left eye and one blue for the right. You can even use clear cellophane and color with red and blue markers.

We made the glasses only remains for us to enjoy pictures.


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